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Jessica Brewster

Company Instructor & Choreographer

Known for her contagious energy and dedication to her students, Jessica is passionate about creating a space where dancers can become honest storytellers. Since finding her calling in teaching over eight years ago, she has made it her focus to train students who use a clear vocabulary of refined technique as the backbone for authentic movement. This drive stems from her own multi-faceted education. In her formative years, training intensely in both ballet technique at the Faubourg School of Ballet and in the convention circuit with Perseverance Dance Company, she learned the value of placement within the confines of contemporary movement. Her dedication to these disciplines led her to many title wins and afforded her the opportunity to perform the work of such choreographers as Dee Caspary, Sonya Tayeh, Mandy Moore, and Travis Wall, and most recently garnered her the recognition as the recipient of numerous choreography awards including one from the Youth America Grand Prix. Now, blending an MFA in Art from the Cranbrook Academy of Art—as well as a Minor in Dance—with lifelong mentorship from such instructors as Watmora Casey, Nickie DelRe, Tatyana Mazur, Missy Ridgway, and Lizzie MacKenzie, Jessica brings a unique voice to the instruction of dance. Her students are artists who move to be moving. Jessica hopes to impart this rare form of work ethic and open vulnerability into every student that sets foot in her classroom.

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