With our two different  style competition programs, comes two different style auditions. Learn about the differences.

High Tek Dance Team Audition


Our  teams are comprised of dancers ranging from intermediate levels to elite level talent. Dancers must audition for a place on one of our competitive teams. If selected as a team member, the dancer is placed on a team based off of skill level and age. Our auditions are split up by AGE (not skill level). Below are the dates for audition clinics and Final Audition. Registration will begin on the first day of clinics for the dancer's age group. 


A registration fee is due the first day of clinics and packets must be submitted prior to participating. All dancers will receive a gift for registering. Audition participants will be asked to demonstrate technique across the floor as well as in center, and will also learn a short routine over two clinic days, to be evaluated at the Final Audition. Dancers should be prepared to learn combinations including the following styles of dance: Jazz, Contemporary, Pom, and Hip Hop. All  dancers must attend both of their clinic dates and are required to submit their audition forms signed by a parent or legal guardian, before they are allowed to participate in the Final Audition process.


*Note: registering and participating in the clinics/ audition process does NOT guarantee a dancer a spot on a competitive dance team. 



Tuesday, May 28th - Friday, May 31st

Minis Ages (6-9): Wed/Thurs 5:30-7pm

Youth Ages (10-12): Tues/Thurs 4:30-6:30pm

Junior & Senior* Ages (13-18): Tues/Thurs 7-9pm

*New Age Group*



Saturday, June 1st- 10am

*Senior Age group competes at Worlds in multiple styles of dance and does not attend The Dance Summit.



Company 22 Open Call


Our audition is open to all dancers ages 6 to 18. Company auditions run as an open call for one day. First round of auditions are separated by age. If a dancer is selected for the Final Call back at the end of the night, they will learn a combination to be performed for our directors. Selections will be announced via private email within the next 48 hours. 

All dancers must be prepared for technique, choreography, improv and a ballet audition in the first round of auditions. Audition participants MUST have registration paperwork and parental consent forms turned in before entering the audition. 



Saturday, June 22nd 

Dancers Ages 13 - 18:

9:00am - Ballet Audition

10:00am - Technique (across the floor)

10:45am - Contemporary

11:30am - 30 minute break

12:00pm - Jazz

12:45pm - Audition Groups

2:30pm - Dancers released

Dancers Ages 9 -12:

9:00am - Technique (across the floor)

10:00am - Ballet Audition

11:00am -  15 minute break

11:15pm - Jazz

12:00pm - Contemporary

12:45pm - Audition Groups

2:30pm - Dancers released

Dancers Ages 8 and younger:

11:00am - Ballet Audition

11:45am - Jazz Combo

12:30pm - 15 minute break

12:45pm - Lyrical

2:00pm - Audition Groups

2:30pm - Dancers released

*Dancers should come wearing/bring appropriate apparel and shoes for both the Ballet portion of the audition as well as the Jazz and Contemporary/Lyrical. Clothes should be form fitted. Ballet should be taken in a leotard and tights.

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