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Our list of Drop-In classes changes with each season. Below are our current drop-in classes offered.


This class focuses on building dancers' strength and control. Dance is athletic as much as it is art. It is extremely important for a dancer to condition their body. Building strength, control, and endurance not only contributes to a dancers technical progress, but also plays an imperative part in injury prevention. Conditioning class will often use lights weights or use body weight and will incorporate exercises from Yoga Sculpt, H.I.I.T. Training, Pilates, Barre, and Boot Camp training. This class is a smart choice for dancers already taking technique or ballet, but want to see faster improvement. Conditioning is also an excellent choice for students enrolled in Acro to accelerate progress. 


We are excited to offer Tap at Studio 22 with Ava Wolff! Tap classes are designed to help dancers develop rhythm, musicality, and style. As much as Ballet and Technique classes are important to a dancers training, Tap is equally essential for dancers to learn how to count a beat and grasp a basic understanding of music. Learning tap at a young age can help put dancers at an advantage as they continue in dance. They will have a more complex awareness of musicality and rhythm, which helps in ALL styles. This FUN class is a great place for young dancers to begin their training and serves as the perfect supplement to any dancers current training. You don't want to miss out! 


This class works on building and refining a dancer's technical ability. Students work on creating a solid foundation to carry into their future, while pushing their skill level in turns, leaps, jumps and many more dance elements. In technique class, students gain an understanding of proper execution versus muscling through a skill. Dancers build their confidence while making improvements on their individual abilities. This hour and a half class takes you though a vigorous warm up, basic and new skills both performed across the floor and in center, as well as an intense stretch to help maximize a dancer's flexibility.  Technique class is an essential part to ever dancer's training repertoire. 

*If you are taking Technique for the first time, please attend Technique 1 or Technique 2. The instructor will then evaluate and place you in the most appropriate level class. 

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