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Studio 22's Social Distance Learning Center

This new day-time program provides a creative learning environment for dancers to study & complete their remote learning in a supervised and focused setting. Our goal is to help support our students and enrich their remote learning experience by providing supervision from adults with experience/background in education, safe socialization with peers, opportunities to participate in physical activity (dance classes, yoga, barre, etc), and an overall sense of routine & balance for our dancers' emotional and physical being. 


to give guidance to our dancers as they continue to navigate through this time with remote learning. We plan to help these young students embrace the changes that have come our way and to reinforce some of the aspects that school usually brings them. Their mental, emotional, physical, and social states can still be developed while remote learning in the setting that our Enrichment Program provides.

Laptop Writing



classroom spaces that are safe and socially distanced. Students will be placed in study pods of 10 or less within their age group. Each student will have their own individual table and chair, power, and access to wifi. As we learn what other equipment is needed, such as printers, we will work to provide these as well.

Parents will provide necessary technology (including earbuds/headphones) and details from teachers regarding assignments. Our team will help kids log in and support any needs throughout classroom calls and meetings. 

We plan to provide a sense of structure with their remote learning by building in brain breaks, time for socialization, and opportunities to participate in physical activity. Snack breaks and lunch time will be scheduled each day. 

All students will follow our COVID 19 health & safety policies and procedures.

Teacher Helping Student



We are offering enrollment for one to three days a week.

Tuesdays, Wednesdays, & Thursdays - drop off between 7:50am—8:50am. Pick up time will be 3:30pm

The program will Begin Sept.1st and run through Oct. 29th

with a possibility to extend as needed.

Spots in our Enrichment Program are limited and will only be reserved after enrollment. Be sure to register for the day(s) that you wish to have your dancer(s) attend. To enroll multiple dancers, you can purchase multiple of each plan.

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