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High Tek Audition: FAQs

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Who is Eligible to Audition?  

Dancers who fall within the age grid listed below are eligible for the 2024-2025 High Tek auditions.  Dancers must be able to meet the mandatory requirements contained in this packet and sign the Acknowledgement and Waiver Form. Participation in the High Tek Audition process does not guarantee placement on a 2024-2025  High Tek All Star Team.


How Many High Tek Dance Teams will be offered for the 2024-2025 season?

Studio 22 structures the High Tek Dance Team program based on age and skillset. All teams are subject to the rules as set forth by the United States All Star Federation (USASF).  The teams that may be offered are as follows:
















Will the High Tek Dance Teams have Alternates?

The High TeK Dance Teams may have alternates due to absence, sickness or injury of a dancer.  In addition, the High TeK staff reserves the right to alter team types, team sizes, and team composition based upon the needs of the program; and registering and participating in the clinics/audition process does not guarantee a dancer a spot on a competitive dance team.


Who selects the High Tek Teams?

At Studio 22 we believe in a fair, unbiased approach to team selection. As such, we hire outside leading industry professionals to evaluate our dancers. Judges have included former collegiate dancers, award winning coaches and choreographers, and current/former professional dancers.  


When will Audition Results be Posted?  Audition results will be posted on the Studio 22 Website by 9:00 p.m. on Saturday, June 1st. All team placements are final. 

What are the time commitments of High Tek dancers?

If selected as a member of the 2024-2025 High Tek program, dancers will be required to commit to the entirety of the season. Specific team requirements are laid out in the audition packet provided to those who register for 2024-2025 auditions. Please consider these family commitments in supporting your dancer’s possible acceptance to the High TeK Dance Drill Team. Although the requirements and commitments are many, the wonderful experience of dancing on a competitive dance team is rewarding. Your interest and support in your child’s dancing will ensure a strong foundation for their future. 


Are there additional requirements of a High Tek dancer outside of the Studio?

As part of the High Tek Program, Dancers will compete at USASF sanctioned events. In order to be eligible to compete, all dancers must be a registered USASF member. If selected for a High Tek team in the 2024-2025 season, each Dancer must apply or renew their USASF eligibility no later than July 30, 2024. The registration and payment process for USASF will be sent via email to the 2024-2025 High Tek Dancers.  In addition to USASF registration, Studio 22 takes pride in fostering an environment of positivity and success within its community. Dancers must exemplify the characteristics of a positive teammate both in and out of the Studio. All dancers must maintain good grades, positive behavior, and a good reputation in the community. Negative behavior, bullying and inappropriate social media will not be tolerated.  Coaches will share specific team policies and procedures after Auditions. 


Can dancers also audition for Company 22 or participate in Recital Classes? 

Yes, High Tek Dancers are welcome to participate in other programs at Studio 22 provided that class schedules do not conflict. Dancers who participate in multiple programs are expected and required to attend all classes, competitions, and events for all programs they are committed to.  


If you make a High Tek Dance Team, and decide to also audition for Company 22, does that guarantee acceptance to the company? 

No. Our High Tek Dance Teams and Company 22 are two separate programs in which dancers must earn a spot in each program individually via audition. Dancers that participate in both High Tek Dance Teams and Company 22, known as “Crossovers” do not have to do double the amount of training. Yes, the hours will be more due to the routine rehearsals, but training class hours will be equivalent to one competitive program. Fees are prorated to reflect this. Individual schedules and fees for each Crossover dancer will be sent via email. 


What should dancers wear for auditions?

Dancers should wear fitted, athletic/dance clothing that allows instructors and judges to see full body alignment (Ie: Leggings, biker shorts, fitted tank top, sport bra, leotard etc.). For final auditions, we ask that dancers do not wear any Studio 22 or team-branded attire (ie: no MAS 2024 labeled shirts etc.). Hair should be completely pulled away from the face and fastened into a clean bun. Dancers can wear jazz shoes, pirouette half-sole shoes, or be barefoot for the audition and clinics.


How long is the Final Audition? When can I expect to pick up my dancer?

Our final auditions will begin at 9:00am Saturday, June 1st. We will release a final audition arrival time for each age group the week of clinics. 


Will the Audition Material combos be taught in the clinics?

Dancers are expected to learn the Audition Combo via video released to registered dancers on May 20th, however, Instructors will review and work on the combo in at least one of the two clinics. Please make sure to know the combo prior dancers' first clinic. The review may move a bit quicker, especially for older groups. Make sure you learn the video according to your age group ONLY. Additional material will be taught at the Clinics as well. 


Does the Audition Material a dancer learns limit the level team they can make?

For example, if a dancer learns the *youth-aged combo* does this mean that is the highest-level team they can make? 

No. Dancers will be placed on teams based on overall execution of whichever Audition Material they learn, as well as the demonstrated audition skills. Team selection will be based on the USASF Age Grid requirements and our current audition skill level. 


What if my dancer can’t attend the final audition on Saturday, June 1stWe ask that you email If your dancer is not available on Saturday, June 1st, we will videotape them after their last clinic. Judges will watch the video and score dancers during the final audition Saturday, June 1st.

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