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Feeling 22

Like Taylor Swift sings, we're all just trying to Feel 22... Studio 22 that is.

Welcome to Studio 22's newest addition to our Website: Blog 22. Here you'll find posts and articles to help insiders and outsiders best understand what it's like to feel 22. You'll read posts written by Staff, Dancers, and maybe even some Studio 22 Parents! Whether you're outside looking in and trying to learn more about how great it is to be a part of Studio 22, or you're on the inside sharing tips and tricks of getting by competition season, you will find blog posts that speak to you and help us all feel part of this great big dance community.

My name is Rachel. Not only do I teach, coach, and choreograph, but being a twenty-something year old, I am tapping into my righteous millennial craft of all thing social media and hoping to help us all fall on some common ground between the tween/teen social media queens and the greater adults who have successfully avoided creating a Facebook account. Blog 22 will hopefully be a positive page for all generations at Studio 22 to share interest in. Something to bring us all together.

I hope to give our readers something new and different with each post. Something heartfelt, humorous, informational, and even inspirational... and not just from me! We will all find this far more interesting and fun by hearing all sides of this dance-driven story. The stories of the dance mom car pools, or the latest must-have leotard. The stories of dads watching their daughter on stage for the first time, or the story of a dancer's stage fright. The funny, the uplifting, the interesting. Everything and anything that makes us feel [Studio] 22!

Stay tuned,


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