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Studio 22 opened in the Fall of 2009 in Niles, IL with hopes to become a place where young artists can learn and grow through creative expression. Our goal as a studio is to develop young dancers who possess discipline, a strong work ethic, and enthusiasm for the art. Each of our instructors strive to be a positive influence in our dancers' lives by continuing to grow their love for dance while teaching  proper technique through a competitive edge. We believe through performance, persistence, and passion, young dancers can gain an incredible work ethic and sense of self-confidence that will shape them far beyond the dance studio, but in whatever their future holds. 


With the official start to Studio 22, (Owner) Jackie, began the High Tek Dance Team as a place for young dancers in the area to explore competitive dance. Our High Tek program  started off with just one team, in hopes of it one day expanding to a large program. Within the past 7 years, we grew our competitive All Star program from 1 team to 5 teams ranging in all ages and skill level. We took the first High Tek Team to the National Dance Team Championship in Orlando, FL in 2012. After continuing to flourish in the Dance Team World, we decided to start a Competitive Dance Company in 2014. Company 22 was created to help expose our dancers to the artistry and styles that the dance industry has to offer while paying more attention to the individual dancer. 

The newest addition to our Studio 22 family is our Recital Program. This program was created to remind our dancers of their passion. In our recital classes, we want our students to fall in love with the work they put in. With this program we strive to open doors for dancers who are motivated to improve in dance solely  by their happiness in the art--no trophy, no score--just real passion for performing. Students find joy in watching their progress throughout the year and being able to share it on our stage.

All of our coaches, instructors, and choreographers pour their heart and soul into their teams/classes. We pride ourselves on having a staff that is extremely talented as well as genuinely caring  and considerate for the dancers needs and aspirations. We hope to be the place where dancers feel safe, encouraged, and supported. The place where they can challenge themselves in a motivational environment.


Studio 22 is the place for passionate dancers to call home.

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